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plant installation?

Plant installation can vary based on one's needs and preferences. The uniqueness and varieties out there can allow for the most desirable landscapes and is best achieved first with a design and plan in place. We complete proper installation of plantings by digging in the appropriately sized hole, placing topsoil amendments/nutrients first in the bottom, and then the root ball of the new plant. It is crucial for their survival to not only complete proper plant installation but also make sure the plants are suitable for their new home in advance.

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New flower bed creation

Whether you have a home you just purchased that has no plant life or perhaps an area that grass does not grow well in, creating a new flower bed may be the best option in beautifying your space. It can help resolve existing issues you are seeing, and is very helpful to the animals that thrive off of new plantings such as butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.

Complete flower bed renovation

This is a great option for those looking to rip out everything and simply start over with new landscaping that is more appealing to the eye. While less can be more at times, if you have older varieties of plants or need an upgrade to better suit your outdoor style, it can really set your landscaping apart by changing out colors or varieties of plants and adding in more of them to further enhance appearance.

Ongoing maintenance

Typically pruning maintenance is not needed on newly installed plants for nearly a year or longer. But once they begin really growing, up keeping that is the upmost importance to its maturation. Routine pruning of new plantings is highly encouraged once they’ve become established and show signs of new growth that eventually die off and will need to be cut back. Keeping plants free of weeds and other lawn debris like leaves additionally helps further and encourage a healthy growing environment.


This company is amazing!  The owner, Taylor, was very responsive and they did what they said they would do.  They arrived on time, cleaned up after, and answered any questions we had.  Emily is the office coordinator and her communication was always great with full explanations of what the next steps were.  I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with them.  And Taylor stopped to help us run down our puppy who got loose!!

- Jennine S.

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