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Installing an Irrigation System

It’s no secret that plants require hydration for survival. While property owners used to rely on Mother Nature to water their landscapes, this method has proven to be unpredictable. Installing an irrigation or sprinkler system ensures your lawn and plants receive consistent amounts of water year-round to keep them healthy. Water conservation improved soil integrity, and disease prevention is other added benefits of irrigation system installation. You’ll save time by not having to manually water each plant while also saving money by not removing and replacing dead trees, grass, or shrubs because they were watered too much or too little. Having an attractive, healthy lawn can also enhance your property value should you ever wish to sell it. Sprinkler system installation is essential for healthy hedges, shrubs, trees, flowers, and any other greenery found in your landscaping. Say goodbye to unattractive patches of brown grass, improper drainage management, leaky valves, and defective sprinkler heads when you rely on The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping LLC for all your irrigation service needs.

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Starting up an irrigation system is needed when there is no longer enough Spring time rain to supply the amount of water that turf in our region needs to grow at a healthy rate, sometime in April typically. Winterization of the irrigation system includes using an air compressor to blow out all of the water found inside the pipes of  the system. It is important to winterize before consistently freezing temperatures arrive to avoid system damage. Completing both of these services allows for your system to supply the adequate amount of water to keep your lawn looking green all year around, even in the highest of temperatures.


If you find your lawn looks dry majority of the time, especially during times of drought like conditions in the heat of Summer, installing an irrigation system will help resolve those problems. You can save yourself time, add value to your home, and encourage healthy lawn growth with an irrigation system. No more dry, crispy grass!

Ongoing Maintenance

We offer irrigation maintenance services that allow us to evaluate and inspect your system for any possible leaks suspected, adjustments needed, or repairs and replacements that could be necessary to get your system in proper working condition. Sometimes random leaks can occur, debris can enter the system like leaves or small sticks, or someone might even have damaged the system. Routine checks and maintenance of the system allow a us to know if this is a new problem or if it is related to a previous problem. Ideally it would help prevent minor and major issues from popping up, although anything is possible.


WOW!  The person who did the lawncare service for our church unexpectedly retired in March - leaving us gathering bids at the worst time to find a new solution.  I had trouble even getting people to call back.  The Cutting Edge really stood out - they responded quickly with a fair bid, the work was scheduled right away, and the finished work was outstanding.  They even did the labor between drops on a rainy day LOL.  The responsiveness of my contact person - Alexandra - was above and beyond my expectations.  Very impressed with the whole process from start to finish.  We are happy customers!

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