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The Turf Health

Turf health is at its highest when the lawn is cut at the appropriate height as well as at the appropriate frequency based on the type of grass that you have. As Fescue is the most predominant type of grass in East Tennessee, this is achieved by mowing the lawn on a weekly basis at a 4" mowing height. Mowing more frequently and at a shorter height can cause grass to burn out or become more damaged easily, as well as mowing less frequently and at a higher height can harm turf health by allowing it to become out of control and not usable. Proper lawn maintenance alone allows turf to grow in healthy, deeply, and strong, while naturally choking out unwanted weeds thus providing a lush, "perfect" yard.

Sod and Seed Install

Sod installation can be ideal for those that have barren lawns or larger areas that need to be renovated. While it can come with a more expensive price tag, it allows for immediate results and also requires less time and patience. It can be installed almost any time of the year! Seed installation is highly beneficial to any lawn as it promotes the growth of new seed that will mature into new healthy grass. It typically is done in our area and has the most success in Fall (for those with Fescue turf) but can also be done in early Spring if timed appropriately. Seeding for other types of grass is done at other times of year as well depending on its dormancy. Seed is a cheaper alternative for sod if a budget is most important, however does require more time and patience if you do not have a specific time frame it is needed done by.


This coincides with weed control treatments, completed routinely throughout the year. It further promotes turf health that contains essential nutrients the lawn will absorb. This allows the turf to improve its condition and boost lawn growth.

Weed Control

As the name says, weed control aids in eliminating unwanted weeds from the lawn with chemical applications that attack the weed roots from the outside inward. Completing this when necessary, along with routine mowing at the proper height, keeps weeds from coming back and most importantly, keeps them manageable if they have become out of control. Weeds are very seasonal and can pop up at any time, especially if weather conditions favor them.


Taylor and the staff at Cutting Edge are the best.. A cut above the rest. I found them via the web. No referrals or friends. Asked them to come out and price a patio demolition and redesign. Taylor was perfect. He shared designs and listened carefully to our wants and potential ideas. We did not have a clear vision. He ran with it, was patient. He works so well with people. He addressed every question (even the stupid ones), and concerns we had. Came up with an incredible plan. Kept it on a reasonable budget, completed on time even with weather and stock issues. Kept us up to date. He has the cleanest construction area I have ever seen, always cleans up each day and even considered we had pets that go outside each night. Bottom line- he truly worked it under budget, on time, easy and friendly to deal with, and does what he says and quotes and then some. Cutting Edge goes above and beyond and his attention to detail is remarkable.Highly recommend Taylor and The Cutting Edge.

- chris s.

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