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Knoxville, TN offers a unique location being in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. They also provide a cost of living that is affordable for most middle-class families. The average property value is $118,300, and the average monthly rent is $752/month. It is also home to the famed University of Tennessee. The college helps make the community a good mix of different people from outside of Knoxville proper. People seek out the college for their excellent programs and then stay after graduation. This also helps the economy. Businesses are also excited about the strategic location and how it has helped them become more successful over time. This potential economic growth also draws in outside and newer businesses who are planning to open their next venture. The arts community is also flourishing within the Knoxville city limits. Many different festivals are hosted each year as well in the downtown area.

Lenoir City
While the population may be smaller in Lenoir City, TN, it certainly doesn’t lack diversity. The median age is 32 and over half live in rented homes and apartments. The average rent for Lenoir City is $726, while those that have bought homes look at a $113,900 value for their property value. They have an employment rate of 95.4%. Most of those jobs are located with the retail space or in the arts, entertainment, and recreation services. The average household income is $35,163. Due to Lenoir City’s multiethnic population, you can bet there are many different types of restaurants for you to enjoy. You can experience a new cuisine every night! There are also many places to enjoy the arts and other facets of different cultures.

If you are looking for city fun without the hassle of trying to park when you come home, Farragut, TN is the place for you. Located just west of Knoxville you get all of the benefits of the big city without the headaches. Farragut has a system of planned subdivisions that college students and retirees find very appealing. Due to the influx of newer residents, many retailers and restaurateurs have seen the area as very attractive and have begun flocking to Farragut. New spaces like this give inhabitants many different options when deciding where to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The median rent is $1,018, while the property value is around $323,000. The thriving economy in Farragut has a lot to do with the unemployment rate being so low, which is great when looking for a job before or after deciding to move here. Having a city that attracts and retains employees also helps the tax base, so they have more money to help keep the city beautiful with lawn and landscaping services.

Oak Ridge
While its nickname may be “the secret city” that may not be the case for much longer. Experiencing an ever-growing draw after the government used the city as a primary Manhattan Project site the city continues to grow with potential from the research community. Residents also enjoy Melton Hill Lake on the weekends and the indoor pool facility in the Tennessee winter. The average rent price is listed at $732, but the property value median is upwards of $149,800, and residents see an average income of $49,100. The city exceeds many educational standards and is a great place to raise a family. The outdoor recreation life is unlike any other in the area. There are many open space areas for families, hikers, and bicycle enthusiasts to enjoy the multi-seasonal forests, rivers, and mountains.

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