This service includes cutting back any new/unwanted growth on existing plants and cleaning up all plant clippings afterwards. When pruning is not done, plantings can become unhealthy, unmanageable, sometimes even causing them to not survive. It is important to upkeep plant health by trimming back new growth in Spring, as well as cut back foliage that dies in the Fall so that new growth can easily come in the following Spring. Some find that even quarterly pruning service is more ideal based on the types of plants they have and how they grow in our region.


Made from organic material, mulch installation provides curb appeal as well as a natural weed barrier for flower beds. Mulching provides multiple benefits, including regulating soil temperature, provides nutrients to the soil below it, retains moisture for drier weather that allows your plants to savor water, and can aid with erosion. Some find it beneficial to mulch more than once per season, however most flower beds only need one mulching for the year.

Pine Straw

Pine straw installation is more ideal for some more than others outside of aesthetics. For those that have a flower bed on a hillside, or areas where there is more water that flows through them, for example, this is the best option. While it doesn't add nutrients to the soil like mulch does, it will hold moisture longer and also allows more air ventilation and water infiltration underneath; so you don't see as much wash out compared to mulch in those instances as it is absorbed more by the ground/surrounding plants.

Flower Bed Maintenance

There is no guarantee out there that any routine flower bed maintenance will 100% eradicate all weeds, but there are several ways to aid in weed production to allow for easier maintenance throughout the year. Bed weed control (chemical) is the best way to initially attack unwanted weeds or grass growing in a flower bed, applied directly to those areas and not harmful to your plants nearby. This must be completed in combination with frequent hand-weeding in order to keep a pristine flower bed, but chemical applications allow for hand-weeding to be very simple while preventing weed germination as well as aids in halting weed growth.


We had not used a professional landscaper until this year when we received multiple quotes from and met with various companies.  We choose The Cutting Edge due to the friendliness and helpfulness of the office staff and professionalism of their landscaping crews.  Their entire team is a pleasure to work with.  Our yard has never looked better!  It is wonderful to do business with a company that provides such consistent, professional and excellent service.  10/10 would recommend.

- kim r.

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