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Yard Drainage?

Rain and other sources of moisture can build up on an improperly prepared lawn and lead to dead vegetation, washed away soil, and pools of stagnant water on your property. Our yard drainage service helps to prevent these issues to keep your lawn healthy and free of excess water. You might wonder what yard drainage is and why it’s necessary. Drainage includes adding gradation to your lawn so that rainwater gets directed away from your property appropriately. You can prevent issues like standing water and soil erosion when you install a lawn drainage system. Standing water can expose your family and your soil to various dangers and health hazards. The resulting soil exposure from standing water makes it vulnerable to absorbing toxic contaminants. This negatively affects the health of the soil, as well as your grass and other vegetation. Some insects like mosquitos tend to congregate around water, so standing water is a perfect breeding ground for them. Your family is exposed to those insects every time they step outside.

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Lawn Gradation

By adjusting the overall slope of your yard, gradation help ensure water flows away from your home and doesn’t collect on your property. Our team has ample experience with this type of lawn drainage landscaping.

Yard Basins

We install yard basins, also known as catch basins, in the soil of your lawn, where it collects rainwater and drains away from your property. Yard basins help to protect your basement from leaks while they relieve the hydrostatic pressure in your yard.

French Drains

These drains are comprised of a perforated pipe system that we install in your lawn to reduce hydrostatic pressure and drain groundwater away from your property. Let our lawn care professionals assess whether French drains are the right choice for your home.


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