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Keep Your Property Dry with Lawn Drainage Services in Knoxville, TN

At The Cutting Edge in Knoxville, we understand your need for a healthy, beautiful lawn is pitted against the enormous hassles of lawn care and landscaping services. Our lawn and landscaping professionals have spent years taking care of properties throughout Knoxville, TN. Amongst our services, yard drainage is a particular lawn care method we recommend to ensure your grass and soil stay in good condition. Tennessee is no stranger to rainstorms, and our yards can either thrive or wither with the accumulating inches of water. With lawn drainage landscaping, you can count on sufficient water drainage to prevent it from collecting and flooding your property. Hiring highly-trained lawn care professionals like The Cutting Edge is essential to ensuring your drainage system works properly. We know the best tools and techniques to divert water from your lawn with quick, accurate landscaping that preserves your property’s aesthetics. Call us today and let our local landscapers assess your lawn to determine what it needs for a successful drainage system.

What is Yard Drainage?

Rain and other sources of moisture can build up on an improperly prepared lawn and lead to dead vegetation, washed away soil, and pools of stagnant water on your property. Our yard drainage service helps to prevent these issues to keep your lawn healthy and free of excess water. You might wonder what yard drainage is and why it’s necessary. Drainage includes adding gradation to your lawn so that rainwater gets directed away from your property appropriately. You can prevent issues like standing water and soil erosion when you install a lawn drainage system. Standing water can expose your family and your soil to various dangers and health hazards. The resulting soil exposure from standing water makes it vulnerable to absorbing toxic contaminants. This negatively affects the health of the soil, as well as your grass and other vegetation. Some insects like mosquitos tend to congregate around water, so standing water is a perfect breeding ground for them. Your family is exposed to those insects every time they step outside.

Common Causes of Yard Drainage Issues

There’s a multitude of reasons why your lawn might suffer from drainage issues. The Cutting Edge team has dealt with properties of all types with slope issues, soil issues, problems with a home’s gutter system, and many other cases. Correcting your yard’s drainage issues is crucial to preserving the condition of your lawn, landscape, and even your home. With our yard drainage services, you don’t have to worry about pools of stagnant water collecting insects and toxic contaminants every time it rains. If you wonder what types of conditions lead to drainage issues, here are some of the most common:

Lawn Slope – Many drainage issues arise from the flat slope of the yard. During rainfall, water can pool in the lawn because the flat plane can’t divert a sufficient amount of water away from the house and property.

Impacted Soil – There are many causes of impacted soil. Construction projects around the property are very common culprits for this problem, such as putting in an in-ground pool. Foot traffic and materials moving and sitting on the land might also result in impacted soil. When the soil is impacted, it can hold moisture a lot longer, which leads to rainfall pooling on your front lawn or backyard.

A Short Downspout – Some people’s homes have a downspout that is too short and doesn’t allow the water to get past the garden beds or other landscaped areas. When the rainwater falls directly into these areas, it can collect under the mulch and build up in the soil.

Soil Erosion from Runoff – The runoff from your downspout may result in soil erosion as it pours onto the lawn or landscaped area and strips away a portion of the topsoil. This erosion can lead to water collecting heavily in the area and causing further damage to the lawn.

What Landscape Drainage Solutions are Available?

The Cutting Edge puts our professional expertise into deciding which drainage solutions are best for your lawn. There are many products and methods available that, when installed by highly skilled yard drainage experts, can help protect your lawn and home. We’ve described a few common drainage methods:

Lawn Gradation

By adjusting the overall slope of your yard, gradation help ensure water flows away from your home and doesn’t collect on your property. Our team has ample experience with this type of lawn drainage landscaping.

Yard Basins

We install yard basins, also known as catch basins, in the soil of your lawn, where it collects rainwater and drains away from your property. Yard basins help to protect your basement from leaks while they relieve the hydrostatic pressure in your yard.

French Drains

These drains are comprised of a perforated pipe system that we install in your lawn to reduce hydrostatic pressure and drain groundwater away from your property. Let our lawn care professionals assess whether French drains are the right choice for your home.

Why Choose The Cutting Edge for Your Lawn Drainage System?

Taking care of your lawn’s drainage issues requires professional expertise and experience to ensure you get the right solution. The Cutting Edge is one of the most experienced landscaping companies in the area, and our versatile skillset includes all types of lawn care and landscaping services to keep your property healthy and beautiful. Our years of providing yard drainage solutions to property owners have exposed us to every type of drainage issue and their causes, which led to our proficiency in resolving them. If you’re having issues with soil erosion, standing water, and other signs of drainage issues in your yard, contact The Cutting Edge today to get the professional yard care you need.

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