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Choose The Cutting Edge for Your Sod Installation

Beautify Your Knoxville Lawn

Knoxville’s temperate climate makes it challenging to maintain a lush, green lawn year-round. Thankfully, The Cutting Edge has a solution for you. Opting for sod installation can help you ditch pesky weeds and dead, dry patches. Our expert team can help you maintain beautiful, dense grass in every Tennessee season.

Why Switch to Sod?

Whether you have long struggled with maintaining your grass, or you’re looking to spruce up an unkempt lawn, sod installation is the solution for you. Installing sod is the perfect fix for those looking for the instant gratification of a beautiful yard. With sod, you can drastically cut down on time to achieve your ideal results. Upon installation, sod is not suited for heavy foot traffic, but it will instantly beautify any outdoor space. When installed by our experts, sod takes 2-3 weeks to root and become established. Once established, sod provides immediate erosion control. If you have a sloping yard that suffers from erosion, installing sod will act as a blanket holding the soil in place.

Great Benefits of Sod

After the sod has taken root, your lush yard will be perfect for entertaining, play, pets, and general foot traffic. One of the great benefits of sod is that it can be installed almost anytime. If you are preparing for an upcoming outdoor event and need to spruce up your lawn, you can install sod anytime during the growing season. The only factor that would prevent sod installation during the growing season is high heat. This flexibility proves to be a significant advantage over grass seeding. With sod, you are not relegated to improving your lawn only during peak growth times, like you would be when grass seeding. Even more appealing, our sod has no weeds whatsoever through a proper fertilization and weed control program that we can provide. Say goodbye to mornings spent yanking up pesky weeds!

How to Care for Your Sod

We want to ensure your lawn stays beautiful long after your sod installation. Our expert team will guide you on how to care for your sod lawn to keep it lush and green year-round.

Caring for New Sod

It is important to take especially good care of your sod in the first 2-3 weeks. During this time, it is rooting and becoming established in your yard. The key to quick establishment is to keep your lawn adequately watered. We recommend thoroughly watering your sod immediately after installation. The sod should be spongy to the step, but make sure not to spend too much time stepping, as it is not yet ready for foot-traffic. Thoroughly spongy is equivalent to about 4”-6” wet in depth. You can lift a corner of the sod to check the depth of the moisture. It’s a good idea to water your yard several times a day during the first week or two. Water more frequently if your new sod is subject to Knoxville’s high heat. If not properly watered, your sod can dry out and die before rooting.

Transitioning to Less Frequent Watering

Dedicate the next few weeks to watering less. By the fourth week, you can water once or twice per day and skip a day between watering. Gradually transition from watering multiple times a day to watering only every few days. Around this time, your yard should be dry enough to mow. Be sure not to cut your lawn shorter than 5” – add the first few times you mow. Water your lawn in the early morning or evening when there is less risk of evaporation.

Caring for Your Lawn throughout the Season

As a simple rule of thumb, water your yard when it looks dry. During the first growing season or six months following your sod installation, it is a good idea to care for your lawn by watering deeply infrequently. Deep watering between dry spells will help your sod develop a deep root system that requires less water. When mowing, after the lawn has been established, make sure to not mow the yard less than 4” in height. Focus your watering in the early morning hours as to prevent potential fungi that present themselves in the summer months.

Get Your Free Sod Installation Estimate

Commit to a healthy, beautiful lawn today. Choose The Cutting Edge of Knoxville for your sod installation. Contact us for your free estimate today!

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