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Superior Seed Installation for Your Knoxville Lawn

Make the Grass Greener on Your Side with Grass Seed Installation Services from The Cutting Edge

Although fescue is a durable and adaptable grass, it can suffer in the heat of Knoxville summers. If your yard has clay-based soil or is susceptible to excessive weeds, seed installation can help. We recommend overseeding and aerating your lawn each fall. Our expert team will pull proper plugs and overseed your yard with turf-type, high-quality fescue grass, all with state-of-the-art equipment. Choose a beautiful yard year-round with The Cutting Edge lawn seeding.

Lawn Fertilization Services in Knoxville, TN

Go Green to Save Green

Whether you prefer the natural, old-fashioned feel of growing your grass, or you’re looking for a cheaper option, seed installation is an excellent solution for any yard. Seed installation is one of the most cost-effective methods of improving the health and beauty of your lawn. It is also pertinent to preserving the longevity of your yard. Overseeding each fall lessens your lawn’s susceptibility to weeds and dry or sparse patches. However, what you will save in money, you must make up for in patience. While sod and turf are great options for our instant gratification friends, beautifully seeded lawns come to those who wait.

The Seed Installation Process

Capitalizing on the Growing Season

The prime time to plant fescue grass is during the fall. As a cool-season plant, it thrives as temperatures reach 75 degrees and start to descend toward the winter months. For this reason, we recommend scheduling your lawn seed installation with us each fall.

Aerating Your Lawn

The first step in the seed installation process is aeration. The Cutting Edge team uses top of the line core aerating equipment to pull proper plugs. We are careful to remove all debris and work around any in-ground irrigation systems before aerating. The aeration process allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots. This step is key to producing a lush, dense lawn.

Overseeding and Fertilizing

It is best to seed, fertilize, and water the soil within 48 hours of aeration. Tending the lawn within this period ensures the seeds, water, and fertilizer get down into the holes made by the aerator. Our team of expert landscapers uses only the highest quality seed blend. Hand spreading is acceptable for smaller areas, but a seed spreader works best when installing seed throughout an entire lawn. We then apply a starter fertilizer to the seeded soil. It is vital to use the appropriate starter fertilizer for your seed type. Fertilizers that contain weed control are not advised for seed installation. The installation is completed with an initial watering. Our team will explain to you the best practices to maintain your seeded lawn.

Continued Watering

You should keep your overseeded lawn consistently moist. We encourage you to water your yard twice a day for the next few days. The following week you should water your lawn heavily every other day. After this period of watering, respond to the look and feel of your grass, and water as needed. Following these guidelines will facilitate deep, healthy root growth and help prevent wilting. Once your seed has matured enough to handle weed control treatments, The Cutting Edge can provide with you with a treatment plan.

Treat Your Knoxville Lawn to Seed Installation Today

Don’t let the grass be greener on the other side. Make your grass greener today! Contact us for your free estimate.

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