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We Can Winterize Your Irrigation System

Lawn irrigation systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and business owners throughout Knoxville, TN. They are ideal for improving soil integrity, conserving water, and deterring weeds, among other benefits. But cold weather can be harmful to them. If you have an irrigation system on your commercial or residential property, let The Cutting Edge protect it from the elements. We are experts in lawn irrigation systems. Our lawn care professionals are adept at installing, maintaining, and repairing them. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of winterizing your irrigation system. You want your yard to look its best, and an irrigation system goes a long way toward achieving your vision. Be sure your irrigation system performs well for years to come by enlisting our services. We have compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, but feel free to call our friendly team with queries of your own.

Irrigation Winterization in Knoxville, TN

What Is Irrigation Winterization?

Irrigation winterization is the process by which we can protect your lawn irrigation system against cold temperatures during a Knoxville winter. Every time you utilize your irrigation system during the spring or summer, water remains in the pipes and valves following their use. When the temperatures are mild, this is not an issue. But when the temperature dips, any residual water in your irrigation system can freeze. As water freezes, it expands and puts unnecessary pressure on the components of your system. Winterization ensures your pipes are clear by using an air compressor to blow out any excess water. This safeguards your irrigation system and helps guarantee it will work optimally again next year.

Why Is Irrigation Winterization Important?

Lawn care specialists agree that winterizing your irrigation system is the most important measure you can take to extend its longevity and maintain its high performance. Without irrigation winterization, your pipes can crack, develop leaks, or even burst. The Cutting Edge will winterize every component of your irrigation system, including the:

  • Control Valves
  • Drip Nozzles
  • Mainline Manifold
  • Pipes
  • Sprinkler Heads and Connections

When Should I Schedule Irrigation Winterization Services?

The timing of irrigation winterization services may vary from year to year. The Cutting Edge’s experts will provide guidance regarding the best time to winterize your system. If the weather remains warm well into the fall, you may want to continue using your irrigation system in October. But it is important to plan. Do not put your irrigation system at risk by waiting too long. As longtime Tennessee residents, we know that weather patterns in the Volunteer State can change in a hurry. It is usually best to winterize your irrigation system no later than early November. If patches of warm weather return, you can always water your lawn or garden by hand, the old-fashioned way.

How Much Do Irrigation Winterization Services Cost?

The cost of irrigation winterization services will depend on the breadth of your system and the timing of your service request, among other factors. Planning ahead may save you money, and it can almost certainly save you the stress of watching weather reports in anticipation of a cold snap. We recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to winterizing your irrigation system because repair costs far exceed winterization fees. Call us toward the end of summer or beginning of autumn to request a no-obligation, free estimate for irrigation winterization.

What Makes The Cutting Edge the Best Choice?

The Cutting Edge is an award-winning, family-owned landscaping and groundskeeping company in Knoxville, TN. Our knowledge of the soil and climate in the region has helped us become a staple in the community. But what sets us apart from other lawn care service companies is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We treat each lawn we service as if it were our own, whether we are performing simple tasks like mowing grass or complex projects such as irrigation winterization. Our professionals will provide upfront pricing, thorough communication, and reliable results so that you can keep your yard looking its best year-round.

Call The Cutting Edge for Irrigation Winterization Services

A lawn irrigation system is the ultimate timesaver when your yard needs water during the dry summer months. To ensure that it operates optimally for many summers in the future, The Cutting Edge’s professionals can perform irrigation winterization services. We are proud to assist homeowners and business owners throughout Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding area, so contact us today to request an estimate or schedule service.

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