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Lawn Care & Landscaping in Knoxville, TN

Lawn & Landscaping Estimates

The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping is one of Knoxville’s most experienced landscaping companies. As a local landscaper, we’re committed to keeping our community looking beautiful and pristine with complete landscaping and lawn care services. We leave no hedge behind, taking the time to trim and prune all areas of your residential or commercial landscape. We offer our landscaping and lawn care services to residents in Knoxville, TN, and surrounding areas, including Farragut, Lenoir City, Bearden, Oak Ridge, Powell, Hardin Valley, and Karns. If you could use some help maintaining your property, please give us a call at 865-382-1465 for a free estimate!

Lawn Maintenance & Grounds keeping in Knoxville, TN
Landscape Installation

Our landscape installation services may include new turf, shrubs, flower/plant beds, trees, some hard landscaping elements, and more. You can count on our landscaping experts to help you add color wherever it’s needed to help you increase your curb appeal and create a relaxing backyard oasis.

Lawn Irrigation Services

A lawn irrigation system is essential to managing a beautiful, lush landscape, especially if you have a large yard or garden. We provide installation and maintenance for all your lawn irrigation needs. We’d be happy to show you the effectiveness of running your irrigation system on timers to conserve water.

Lawn Mowing

Trimming the grass gives your lawn a healthy, smooth, uniform appearance. Our lawn mowing services can be a one-time occurrence in time for a special gathering or year-round to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. Don’t worry about the size or shape of your lawn – we’ve mowed difficult hillsides and vast fields.

Hedge Trimming

Having overgrown hedges is more than just an eyesore that can make you also feel a bit claustrophobic. Hedge trimming allows you to remove dead or diseased parts of your hedges to improve their health. It also decreases the likelihood of flying limbs and branches from causing damage during a storm. Our hedge trimming services include cutting away extra growth and straightening uneven sides to leave your hedges looking clean and neat.

Landscape Removal

Our landscape removal services in Knoxville, TN include clearing plantings, hedges, and other unwanted vegetation in preparation for new landscaping installations. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring and fall cleanup are beneficial to keeping your landscaping in pristine condition. Our spring cleanup services typically include clearing away dead leaves, plants, broken branches, and other debris, as well as sharpening edges on flowerbeds and curbs that may be untidy. Our fall cleanup services include tree and hedge trimming, final leaf and debris removal, and doing general maintenance in anticipation of winter. Not only do these services result in a cleaner, more aesthetically-pleasing landscape, but they also help with keeping your lawn and plant life healthy.

Lawn Installation and Rejuvenation

Lawn installation and rejuvenation involves laying down turf/seed and topsoil. Topsoil is beneficial to your plants because it is rich in nutrients. It also helps prevent land erosion by keeping your soil intact. We have various types of sod/seed available depending on your budget and personal preferences.


Weeds are more than just an annoyance. They’re harmful to your landscaping because they compete with your other plants for space, water, sunlight, and nutrients in the soil. Part of our landscaping services is weeding to help you rid your gardens of weeds and the pests that they often attract. We remove unwanted plants both by hand and with weed cutters.

Pruning & Tree Trimming

Adding trees, shrubs, and hedges to your landscaping helps you add variety and color, as well as much-needed shade and privacy. However, it also means pruning Pruning & Tree Trimming will be necessary to keep visitors to your property safe from dead or falling limbs. Pruning involves cutting away dead and overgrown limbs and stems. Removing dead or dying branches also helps you keep your trees healthy for a longer time span.


Lawn fertilization is critical to keeping weeds at bay and in keeping your soil rich in nutrients for healthier plant growth. Our fertilizing services apply the proper amount of “plant food” to promote growth and flowering in your turf and plants. Invest in our fertilizing services for a luscious lawn year-round.


Besides adding curb appeal, mulching enriches your soil and helps you conserve moisture. Mulching is about putting materials with the right pH balance around trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds to protect against weeds, help your plants retain water, and encourage plant growth. Our Knoxville, TN landscaping crew can add mulch to your flowerbeds and other key areas of your landscape.

Lawn Fertilization Services in Knoxville, TN

Lawn aeration provides your turf with better access to air, water, and fertilizer for a healthier lawn. Part of effective lawn aeration is removing built-up layers of dead grass that could be depleting your lawn. Lawn aeration services are usually recommended in the fall to help prepare your lawn for winter. Our aerating services include removing plugs of soil to loosen it so oxygen, water, and nutrients can enter the ground.


Overseeding involves applying more seeds to a lawn to help increase its density. This is typically done in the spring or fall to either prepare your lawn for winter or to restore your lawn’s appearance after winter. Many clients prefer overseeding techniques over the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides to have a lush lawn free of pests.


Fall is the perfect time to begin preparing your landscaping for the onslaught of winter. Winterizing your lawn can include fertilizing it after the turf is dormant, clearing away dead leaves and grass, draining its irrigation systems, and aerating the soil. All of these landscaping services will help your plants survive winter’s chill while looking ahead to spring.

Bed Edging

Using a hand spade, our bed edging services give a clearly defined edge to flowerbeds. Besides increasing your landscape’s curb appeal, bed edging helps reduce the need for trimming and weeding in your flowerbeds because it gives roots a barrier.

Select Tree Work

Our tree work includes pruning, grooming, fertilizing, and mulching. If you have newly-planted trees, pruning helps you define their shape and give them better branch structure. If you have older trees on your property, pruning enables you to remove dead or diseased branches for better tree health. If you could use some tree work on your residential or commercial property in the Knoxville area, give us a call.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is essential because leaving stumps to decay on your property makes you more susceptible to other potential risks, including termites and fungus growth. Stumps can also be a pain when mowing your lawn, causing damage to your lawnmower if you fail to avoid them. Using a powered grinder, we grind stumps to below the ground-surface level.

Lawn Drainage

Lawn drainage involves adding gradation to lawns to direct rainwater appropriately. Installing a lawn drainage system will help you prevent soil erosion and standing water issues. Standing water causes health hazards for your soil and you. It can result in soil exposure to toxic contaminants and your family’s exposure to mosquito breeding grounds.

Hillside Trimming

If your landscape includes steep hillside slopes, don’t worry. Our experienced landscaping company can cut grass or plants on even the most challenging slopes in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas.

Select Hard Landscaping

The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping also offers select hard landscaping services, including the installation of brick, paving stones, or gravel. Hardscaping elements can help refresh your driveway or patio and breathe new life into your space. Please contact us to inquire about the pricing and availability of our hard landscaping services.

Request a Free Landscaping or Lawn Care Services Estimate

If you are unsure what landscaping or lawn care services you need in Knoxville, TN, we’d be pleased to discuss them with you and present you with the best options to consider. The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping has done it all, from landscape installation for new construction to complete landscape rejuvenation for existing entities to overall maintenance and grounds-keeping. Therefore, it’s likely we can help you identify the services that will be most suitable for your unique situation. There’s no charge for an estimate, so give us a call today at 865-382-1465 for lawn maintenance.

Schedule Lawn and Landscape Services in Knoxville