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Quality Outdoor Lighting Installation in Knoxville, TN

The Cutting Edge Provides Landscape Lighting Installation

If you’re in the market for outdoor lighting for your home or business, The Cutting Edge has solutions for you. We provide energy-efficient outdoor lighting installation options that can complement any landscaping that surrounds your residential or commercial property. Proper lighting can do more than set a mood and make an impression after dark. It also helps increase safety and security. With our outdoor lighting installation services, you can select the lights that best suit your needs, and our team will professionally install them on your property. No need to worry about climbing onto ladders or properly positioning lights, so they don’t flood your windows or blind passing cars. Our team has years of experience installing outdoor lighting projects, and we know how to accomplish your safety and security goals tastefully. Contact us today to learn more or to chat with one of our local landscape architects about the best outdoor lighting options for your property.

Outdoor Lighting Installation in Knoxville, TN

Long-Term Landscape Lighting Solutions

Options are abundant when selecting outdoor lighting. You’ll want to make sure you get the best energy efficient bulbs with colors that compliment your desired aesthetic. For example, many of our lighting options come with a yellow tint, while others, like floodlights, are often preferred to be white for optimal visibility. Once you’ve selected the perfect type of outdoor lighting, our experts will help you make these decisions about the fine details.

Our Outdoor Lighting Options


These versatile outdoor fixtures include some of the light types you’ll see below. Spotlights support a variety of lightbulbs, so you can choose the most energy-efficient options with optimal beam width and wattage. Upplight a tree, create a silhouette, moonlight, and more!

Path Lights

Stay the course with the help of path lights. These lights generally angle down and to the side to illuminate your walkways so you and your guests can always watch their step. These lights are especially visible, so it helps to select one that is aesthetically pleasing and complementary to your landscape.

Area Lights

Light up an entire area on your property to make paths more visible or to brighten your driveway or basketball court. These lights angle down to brighten a large area of your lawn.


Keep an eye on your property with these lights that are great for increased safety. These high wattage lights cover a wide area for optimum security.

Well Lights

These in-grade lights are effective hardscape additions, as most can be mowed over and won’t interrupt foot traffic. Illuminate your lawn with these low-to-the-ground beams that can shed light on our luscious grass and landscape features.

Deck Lights

Attached to railings, posts, and other deck-complimenting structures, these lights are great for the gentle illumination of your late-night deck activities.

Step Lights

Watching your step was never so easy. Added to the risers and treads of your steps, these allow you to deftly move up and down your outdoor stairs without worry.

Hardscape Lights

Have lights incorporated in your hardscape design! Be it stone, brick, concrete, wood, metal, or other materials, we can effectively attach outdoor lighting fixtures without sacrificing the aesthetic value of the design elements.

Enhance Safety, Security, and Serenity

Having a well-lit property allows peace of mind. There is no need to worry about intruders or wildlife creeping onto your property at night. Proper outdoor lighting allows you to keep your perimeter illuminated, so you can always see what’s coming. It also makes your residential or commercial property stand out. Are you having a client come to the office after the sun has set or hosting a late dinner party? Make sure your guests and patrons can find your building day or night with outdoor illumination courtesy of The Cutting Edge. We want you to feel safe and secure at all times, and the ability to see in the dark can help with just that. Keep your paths illuminated to reduce the risk of falling on your way up to the house or light your back pool deck with soft mood lighting to set a relaxing tone. Whatever your illumination goals, we’ve got you covered.

Knoxville Trusts The Cutting Edge for Landscape Lighting

Since 2011, our brother-owned company has provided Knoxville with landscaping and lawn care they love. We work under the principles of quality, reliability, communication, and customer service to provide the best landscaping care, maintenance, and installation available in the area. We are called The Cutting Edge for good reason. When you work with us, we provide you with a cutting edge over your competition and neighbors. First impressions are important, and we can help your lawn stand out from the crowd. We stand behind our service 100% of the time and always guarantee your satisfaction. When you choose The Cutting Edge team, we provide prompt, professional, and affordable landscaping services you’re sure to love. Let us light up your world and your lawn today.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

Think your yard could use more light? Allow us to brighten it up for you. We can provide you with industry-leading outdoor lighting options and professional installation that will make your lawn shine. Protect your property with floodlights. Watch your step with path lights. Or set the mood for a late-night hang with soft deck lights or hardscape lighting. There’s no reason to leave your property dark and unlit. Call The Cutting Edge today to speak with one of our team members about the best energy-efficient outdoor lighting options for you!

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