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Hardscape Installation in Knoxville, TN

The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping Can Help

If you’re looking to incorporate a lasting addition to your lawn, The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping has the hardscape installation services for you. Impressive landscaping can transform your home or business and add significant curb appeal. While traditional softscaping has significant advantages as well, few landscaping options rival the durability and endurance of beautiful hardscape work. A custom walkway or water installation can beautify your lawn in every season, even when your beloved plants and shrubbery go dormant in the winter. Our team of professional landscape designers can help you realize your lawn’s potential with hardscape installations that will stand the tests of time. Whether you are a homeowner looking to add a little more aesthetic value to your property or a business owner trying to boost your building’s curb appeal, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our custom hardscaping services and consult with a landscape designer in Knoxville.

Hardscape Installation in Knoxville, TN

Our Landscape Hardscaping Services

At The Cutting Edge, we specialize in retaining walls, stone walkways, and water feature hardscape installations, but whatever your vision, our landscape architects can help it become a reality. Hardscaping involves all the non-living design elements in your lawn. These are permanent landscape installations that will accent your lawn for years to come. Because these are long-term additions, it’s important to select timeless elements that will add value to your property over time. Our landscape architects can help you select the best pieces for your space.

Choose from Custom Options of the Following Staples:

Retaining Wall

Transition one level of the ground to another by cutting the slope with a retaining wall. We can create beautiful stone retaining walls to create planting areas, garden space, or flat yard space. These are great for enhancing aesthetic value but also provide a practical purpose.


Take a leisurely stroll down your garden path or make an established walkway down to the pool with elegant stone walkways or softer paths made of gravel. We can offer brick, concrete, solid stone, decorative stone, and more depending on your vision and the guidance of our landscape architects.

Water Features

Love the tranquil sound of falling water or are you entranced by the beauty of a koi pond? Maybe a water feature is right for your lawn. We can design and install small ponds and pools, fountains made of various materials, and more for dynamic hardscaping that draws the eye!


Want somewhere new to entertain outdoors? What about a stylish patio! They come in many customizable varieties using materials like concrete, brick, flagstones, tile, and more, so there is always something to fit your aesthetic. Wow your guests with a patio perfect for barbecues and summer nights or create a cozy space to sit and read in the sun.

Get the Design Direction You Need

Hiring a landscape architect to help design your new and improved lawn gives you just what our name suggests, a cutting edge over the competition. While you may have some creative ideas in mind, our experts can help you realize them in a way that creates a harmonious scene. Whether you are trying to convey a professional image for your storefront or a serene and tranquil oasis for your home, we can cater to your unique vision. Having professional guidance can help when selecting stones and materials, so you end up with hardscaping elements that are beautiful when installed and withstand the tests of time. It is important to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment when you do a major hardscape installation, and our team is here to help you achieve just that. We can help you curate a desired aesthetic, designate a focal point, achieve clean lines, and more. Although it may be tempting to design your landscaping on your own, professional help can go a long way.

Landscape Services in Knoxville

Why Knoxville Chooses The Cutting Edge for Landscape Services

Brothers Victor and Taylor Phillips opened Knoxville’s The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping in 2011. The family-owned company has championed quality, reliability, communication, and customer service ever since, creating a stellar reputation for themselves. The Cutting Edge provides more than hardscaping and designer landscape work. Our services include lawn mowing, groundskeeping, landscaping design, maintenance, lawn installation, fertilization, and more that provide our customers with a cutting age over their neighbors and competitors. We care about first impressions, and we want your lawn to speak to the excellent host, professional, and person that you are! Whether you seek our services for your residential or commercial property, we guarantee 100% satisfaction every time. You can trust us for prompt, professional, and affordable service.

Contact Our Team Today

Reach out to The Cutting Edge, Knoxville’s leading landscape company today to inquire about our hardscaping services. We can pair you with a landscape architect who will help you realize your unique vision for your lawn. Whether you imagine the secret garden you dreamed of as a child or a sleek and elegant water feature to highlight the entrance of your business, we’ve got the expertise and the resources for the job.

Schedule Lawn and Landscape Services in Knoxville