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Meet Our Staff

Taylor Phillips - Owner of The Cutting Edge

Taylor Phillips


Taylor was a good technician and pipeline coordinator for a natural gas producer in Pennsylvania that had spent years in the field, servicing the wells, equipment, and pipelines. Upon the selling of that company and subsequent training of the buyers, Taylor opened his own lawn care business as an owner/operator where he gained valuable field experience. In 2011, Taylor moved to Knoxville and the brothers decided to open The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping, LLC. Their combined experience in lawn care and the service industry made it a natural career path for both as they focus on quality, reliability, communication and customer service. In Taylor’s free time, he enjoys working on and driving fast cars and spending time with his three kids (Taylor, Jr. 13, and close to becoming an employee of the company, Ashlynn, 7 and Holland, 1).

Victor Phillips - Owner of The Cutting Edge

Victor Phillips


Victor began working in lawn care for a company in the Nashville area at the age of 15 and stayed there upon completion of high school before moving to Knoxville to study Business at The University of Tennessee. Once there, Victor worked through college as an inside sales rep for a large lawn care company in the area before switching gears and entering the service industry at an upscale restaurant in Knoxville. Victor started as a busboy, being promoted steadily to the role of General Manager. In 2007, Victor had an opportunity to work for his family and reconnect with his younger brother, Taylor, at a natural gas company in Pennsylvania as a land agent meeting with individual landowners, and also heavily involved in brokering a deal to ultimately sell the company. Upon selling that company, Victor came back to Knoxville to become a department manager at a local grocery store, until his brother moved to Knoxville in 2011 and they decided to open a lawn care company together. In Victor’s free time he enjoys playing golf, supporting the Vols and his original hometown Pittsburgh teams, and spending time with his wife of 8 years and their two children Nola (5) and Knox (3).

Emily Poynter - Office Manager at The Cutting Edge

Emily Poynter

Office Manager

Emily began her employment in 2017 with The Cutting Edge when the need for an Office Manager arose. She worked side by side with Victor, learning the ins and outs of the lawn care industry from an administrative perspective. Her infectious personality bubbles through on the phone, making her a natural fit for her position. Emily is known as The Gatekeeper, somehow keeping everything straight which is a much tougher task now than it was in the early years. The wife of Jacob, our Field Production Manager and Lead Foreman, it truly is a business run by families as they navigate the workday. In her spare time, Emily owns a craft business, making handmade signs and artwork for special occasions and home décor.

Jacob Poynter - Product Manager at The Cutting Edge

Jacob Poynter

Product Manager

Jacob accepted a job at The Cutting Edge in 2015 as a crew member having limited experience in the lawn care field. A Knoxville native, Jacob studied Journalism at ETSU before coming back home to Knoxville. Jacob has quickly risen through the ranks of The Cutting Edge, becoming a Crew Leader within a year and then Lead Foreman in 2017. His knowledge that he has gained combined with his focus on customer service and outstanding work ethic has garnered a further promotion in 2019 to a newly created position of Field Production Manager while still wearing his many other hats here in the company. Jacob shares the same vision as the founders and consistently leads by example. He is married to his high school sweetheart Emily, who happens to be our Office Manager. Jacob is a sports nut who enjoys playing a round of golf with his brother and spending time with his family and their dog Berry, named after the Vols superstar Eric Berry.

Drew Graham - Crew Leader at The Cutting Edge

Drew Graham

Crew Leader

Drew has been with the company since 2016, bringing a vast knowledge of the lawn care field after working for a few different companies before calling The Cutting Edge home. Originally from Florida, Drew is still very warm-blooded and is generally the most bundled up on cooler days. Known as the comedian of the group, he prides himself on his quality and awesome mowing stripes. Drew is a Crew Foreman and assists Kevin with equipment maintenance duty as well as our Head Trainer for new hires. Drew spends his off time hiking and has a love for BMW’s while seeking his Master Automobile Service Technician degree.

Lee Nance - Crew Leader at the Cutting Edge

Lee Nance

Crew Leader

Lee started with the company in 2016 as a crew member with good experience in lawn care. A native of Morgan County, Lee has been a Crew Leader for the last two years, working under Jacob and learning the ropes of managing people. Lee is known around the shop as a ridiculously hard worker and a genuinely nice guy. When Lee isn’t working which is rare, he spends his time with his wife Casey and their four daughters Serenity (12), Chloe (8), Audrey (7) and Scarlett (1).

Andrew Patton - Crew Leader at The Cutting Edge

Andrew Patton

Crew Leader

Andrew began his employment at The Cutting Edge in 2017 after returning home following gaining experience in the lawn care field in Louisiana and Tennessee on golf courses. Andrew, a man of few words but someone you would always want on your crew due to his ability and work ethic, has steadily climbed the ranks to the position of Crew Leader this year. Andrew is a huge Alabama football fan and unfortunately comes in smiling ear to ear after the Third Saturday in October each year. In his spare time, he is an avid video game player and is the reigning champion at the shop.

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